Financial Freedom Classes

Financial Freedom Classes is a Non-Profit Organization which is dedicated to assisting families thrive financially by, first, providing them the tools and guidance needed to eliminate ALL debt from their lives, including their mortgage(s), and secondly, by teaching them how to build their wealth through wise investing.

At Financial Freedom Classes, we provide tailored solutions designed to help you manage your finances, eliminate debt rapidly, and build wealth through the implementation of our proven advanced cash flow management system.

Benefits gained from Financial Freedom Classes services and financial coaching:

·         A financial plan to take control of your money, so you no longer  live paycheck-to-paycheck

·         Maximize every dollar you earn.

·         Implement a mathematical system to rapidly eliminate all your debts, including your mortgage(s), with the money you already make!

·         Improve your credit score dramatically and maintain it.

·         A detailed and personalized financial plan to become secure, comfortable, and wealthy

·         Automate your finances—so becoming debt-free and building wealth is an automatic process

·         A comprehensive plan for your children’s college education

·         Engaged and newly married couples get started with a sound financial plan—so money will never  be a cause for divorce

·         Learn the fundamentals of money management and establish wise financial habits

We are compassionate, understanding, and we sincerely care about your family’s financial prosperity. Coaching is non-judgmental, encouraging, and always confidential. Whatever your financial situation may be, we are here to help you succeed. At Financial Freedom Classes, we believe it is our responsibility to help you achieve your financial goals so that you may achieve your life goals.

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